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New Business



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  • Unlimited Pages
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Management & Support
  • Blog Posting


Portfolio & Showcase



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  • Unlimited Pages
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Management & Support
  • Blog Posting
  • Portfolio Support
  • Multi-Language


Scaling Business



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  • Unlimited Pages
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Management & Support
  • Blog Posting
  • Portfolio Support
  • Multi-Language
  • Sell Online
  • Reports & Analytics

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User Friendly

Every tiny detail, image, and font is beautifully crafted or chosen to offer a positive user experience.

Safe & Secure

Our team consistently follows digital security best practices to build secure systems. Your website is maintained safe.

SEO Optimized

We’ll help provide you with all of the tools and knowledge to take your SEO to the next level.

Mobile Responsive

Having a mobile-friendly responsive website is not just a “nice-to-have” anymore, it is a necessity nowadays.

Social Media Ready

Clients are visiting websites and expecting them to seamlessly integrate with your social channels.

Unlimited Traffic

Your website includes reliable website hosting with unlimited bandwidth with unlimited traffic.

Analytics & Tracking

Our websites are designed to offer the best user experience while providing analytics & reporting.

Website Management

We’re continuously improving your website. We’re always available to do any content edits, changes, or updates to your website.

Technical Support

Any issues or questions with the maintenance of your site? Our team is always available to help you.

Get answers to the frequently asked questions

  • What’s included?

    Our Full Setup Service includes everything needed to get your site launched and looking great. We input all of your business content, we’ll add your logo, and customize colors. We’ll add your photos, connect social media accounts, etc.

  • Can I use my current web host?

    The service is coming fully packed with; cloud hosting, professional unlimited email hosting, and continuous technical support. Instead of building every single site on a separate setup, we use a platform that could serve multiple websites using the same assets. The whole platform is hosted/serviced from our platform’s hosting servers.

    I also want to assure you that the web hosting service that comes with these plans is faster, more secure, and performing way better than the regular web hosting plans; Thanks to our partners at Google Cloud Hosting and Amazon Web Services. Both providers are offering tremendous value to our network to secure the best web hosting with the best performance possible.

    With that being said, the answer is: No, users can’t use their own hosting for our website monthly subscription plans.

  • How about mobile website?

    Every page on your website is optimized for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. So no matter where your customers are, they can easily view your website.

  • What is the minimum contract period?

    The minimum contract period is one month. However, you still can receive your money back during the first 14 days if you didn’t like the service.

  • Do you offer Email Addresses?

    Email Addresses come as an extra service that is billed per user per month. Please check our email plans and pricing for more information.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Yes! You will receive your full money amount back if you requested cancellation within the first 14 days of signing up with us. After that period, no refunds are given.

  • I already have a domain, Can I use it?

    Yes, just add your domain name to your account while placing your order and we will help you to get it connected with your new website with us.

  • Is my data safe & secure?

    The security and uptime of your store is our #1 priority. We protect your site and data with a strong security and encryption system.

  • How to move data from another platform?

    No problem at all. We offer free data migration for your website data, product information, or email address data. Please ask our technical support about the script you are currently using.

  • Do you offer content creation & SEO?

    We’re currently launching new content marketing plans for content creation and SEO work on a monthly basis. These could be purchased as an addon to your active subscription plans – at an extra monthly fee.

    You still can do the content creation yourself and provide us with the content to add/integrate into the site the way you prefer. So whther you choose to create your content or we do it, we’re available to assist and aiming at providing you with the best online image for your business.

  • Can I offer it white-labelled to my clients?

    Our main concept here is to continuously work with the client for his best success utilizing the business website. We’re receiving client’s requests, feedback, and support needs via a ticketing system on our website. For that, the service might not be 100% white-labeled with our brand’s name mentioned for support requests.

    The service is known from the dashboard and support widgets on the website’s control panel that it is offered by enPurple with our logo and website links in the website’s dashboard. This could be offered to you as some sort of a partnership. Also, the more website’s subscriptions enrolled under your account qualifies you for additional discounts on the monthly fees, giving you a decent side monthly recurring revenue.

  • Can I make website updates?

    Yes. You will have the ability to log in and make edits to your site anytime you want. For example, changing menu items, photos, info – all very easy to do. We have tutorials and videos available.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our pricing is coming up with a zero setup fee and an ongoing cost for the hosting and support. The cost is basically a fraction of what you’d pay a local web designer or a firm.

  • Do I build my website or you do it?

    We design and develop your website tailored to your needs. We take care of all the development and coding process. You too are welcome to do any edits or changes yourself using your website control panel. It’s very easy and user-friendly.

  • Can I request specific customization?

    Yes, you can just request the customization you want and we will send you a quote for the customization. Once paid, Our developers will work on the necessary customized changes. The applied fee is a one-time payment while you still need to maintain your website renewal plan at the regular rates.

  • How can I pay you?

    You can pay with Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, or Bank Transfer from any country in the world.

  • What happens if I didn't renew my website?

    We will notify you by email every month of the recurring due payment. If you choose not to renew, we will save all your data for a period of time. During this time, your website & email addresses will be closed. After that period, if you didn’t renew, your website.data will be automatically deleted.

  • Can I keep my website after service deletion?

    Via your dashboard, there is a tool that allows you to export all your data to an easy-importable file. If you chose not to renew the service with us, make sure to export your data prior to service deletion and keep a copy for yourself. HOWEVER, this imported file does only contain your website’s data; products, orders, customers, email addresses, forms, pages, and blog posts. The website’s design and layout are not exported since it’s 100% based on the platform’s assets.

    To cut it short; Yes, you can export your data easily from your website dashboard. BUT no, you can’t export the website design, layout, code, or the structure of a complete website build. The layout/design is the platform’s property, while the data are guaranteed to be yours to use on our platform or any other platform you chose to migrate to.

  • How can I accept online payments?

    To accept online payment, you first need to opt-in to one of our eCommerce plans. Then, you’ll need to open an account with an online payment gateway. We support many gateways like (2checkout, PayPal, PayTabs, Accept, CashU, and much more).

    If you didn’t find your favorite gateway in your store control panel, you can request a quote to integrate your favorite online payment gateway with your store and our development team will do it for you.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you want. Our plans are highly scalable to always fit your business needs and requirements.

  • How is it different from Shopify or Wix?

    we’re offering eCommerce or corporate websites with a key benefit over Shopify and Wix services that we don’t give you a platform to build your shop or a website yourself, instead, we give you a platform to manage your business while we build/curate/maintain it for you all the time. This way, you focus more on your business rather than wasting time building website pages, adding products, or customizing offers.

  • I have other questions, what to do?

    You can always contact us via our live chat at your website administration panel, submit a support ticket from your account, use our Contact Us form, or contact us by phone.


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