enPurple vs. Shopify

Why to choose enPurple vs Shopify for your business?

Shopify gives you a platform to build (DO-IT-YOURSELF) a website on your own. On the other side, enPurple offers you a (DONE-FOR-YOU) website service where a team of experts build a stunning highly-customized website tailored for your business.

We Build It

We will build a stunning highly-customized website for your business. Besides offering a robust platform, we also give you the expert technicians to build the website for you. On Shopify, you’re on your own using the builder tools to build/customize everything. Having technicians with you guarantees better user experience for your customers as well as complete piece of mind when it comes to technical difficulities.

Continuous Support

Not only do we build/customize your website, but also, we’re always available for your assistance anytime. Shall you need to update your website, change paragraphs, add more information, or even creating new pages for new services; we’re available. You can submit a ticket to our technicians & they will apply the necessary tasks to your website. Keeping your website updated has never been easier.

Email Addresses

We’re offering TITAN & GMAIL email addresses. Email services are extra service that is billed per user per month at cheaper rates. Shopify doesn’t offer email addresses included in the service for which you will need to purchase them externally. We’re focusing more on providing all under the same service umbrella.

Seamless Arabic Support

While you still can build Arabic websites using Shopify, the Arabic version is always compromised with many missed technical details. This will accordingly affect your user experience navigating through the Arabic version of your website. At enPurple, we’re offering seamless Arabic and RTL support. Our technicians will pay attention to smaller details for an enhanced rich Arabic website.

Same Price Range

With all the extra benefits and expert technicians support on our plans, enPurple comes at almost the same price range as Shopify. Our pricing starts at 395 EGP per month. Or for an online store, eCommerce plans start at 545 EGP per month. Shopify comes at extra costs too to purchase extra addons from the marketplace which will add up to your monthly renewal amount. Same price but bigger value.

Mobile Apps

A mobile app for your online store is a great addition to your business. enPurple offers native mobile apps for both Android and iOS on the ENTERPRISE plan. Shopify doesn’t offer mobile apps even on their advanced plans. A mobile app will give you an edge over competitors and will help driving more sales to your business. Furthermore, we build and customize the mobile apps for you as per your needs.

Checkout Page Editor

One of our key advantages over Shopify is the Checkout page editor. From our very basic plan, you have full control over your checkout page. This will allow you to customize the checkout fields, requirements, and the shipping information needed so you’re not missing an order. Shopify offers a basic Checkout page with no much control over it since this is a part of their own system leaving money on the table for missed orders.

Not Only eCommerce

Shopify offers you an eCommerce platform to build an online store. But it’s not a content management system leaving you with no many options for corporate websites or media streaming options. At enPurple, our platform is very suitable for your website whether it’s corporate, eCommerce, or even a media streaming app. On the scalability level, enPurple is a better alternative to compensate for your future plans at one place.

Uptime & Speed

There is no doubt that Shopify offers an excellent service uptime as well as perfect speed and loading times for online stores. So do we! At enPurple, we’ve been investing heavily on our servers and the network to give you an ultimate performance for your website. Your website is fully-secured with fast loading times – thanks to our CDN provider; Amazon Cloudfront. Your data are safe, secure, and always backed up.


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